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Improving GP / LP communications a conversation with Nasdaq

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Many pitches are poorly prepared and executed by both GPs, see this post, and LP, see this post.

At best, this makes for inefficient meetings. At worst, a complete waste of time.

I recently had the opportunity to share my thoughts on this with Katey Bogue, Head of Private Fund Solutions at Nasdaq. We also discussed how to possibly improve both meetings and outcomes. Finally, we discussed ESG. A topic that today is unavoidable for most LPs and which GPs need to be very serious about.

In summary

  • GPs are becoming better at using placement agents and asking questions

  • GPs need to be more systematic in how to approach fundraising and increase the probability of conversion - not unlike what they would do for deals

  • LPs need to be more honest and upfront

  • Placement Agents are very useful

  • ESG is unavoidable, but it is early days, so it is ok that not everything is in place yet, but be honest about it. It is easy to spot green washing

  • ESG differences between the US and Europe

You will find the full interview here.

Nasdaq private funds private equity communication


Stay illiquid!


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